Culinary Tour Israel

Culinary Tour IsraelCulinary Tour Israel: Day 1

Tel Aviv – A Non-Stop Urban Playground

The first day of your Israel culinary tour will begin with the hearty breakfast dish of shakshuka. Continue with a tour of the Carmel Fresh Produce Market. Whether you prefer salty or sweet, you will be able to try new foods, and hear the stories of the vendors hailing from all over the Middle East.

Spend the evening at one of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv where you will experience the combination of flavor, presentation, and comfort through each bite.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

Culinary Tour IsraelCulinary Tour Israel: Day 2

A Pinch of Jaffa

Your culinary tour cannot be completed without a tour in Jaffa, well-known for housing some of the best hummus native to Israel. Begin your morning with a hearty bowl of hummus followed by gourmet food served in a pita bread.

Continue with a tour of the colorful and authentic Levinsky market in the Florentin neighborhood. Get the inside scoop from one of Israel’s top chefs and local experts as you weave your way through this neighborhood market. Spend the evening enjoying Asian food with a Middle Eastern twist.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

Culinary Tour Israel

Culinary Tour Israel: Day 3

Salty, Sweet and Savored Moments

Begin your day by uncovering the secret behind the tastiest falafel in Tel Aviv. Continue your journey to Netanya – home to the classic Tunisian sandwich known as “Frikase”, incredible Kouskous and freshly fried “Brik”.

Travel to the Galilee and join an Israeli-Arab chef for a deep dive into the local Arab cuisine, followed by a tour through the Nazareth market.

Overnight: Galilee

Culinary Tour Israel

Culinary Tour Israel: Day 4

Galilean Aromas

Enjoy a delicious freshly made breakfast at a local boutique cheese farm, served along-side locally produced olive oil. Continue with a traditional Christian – Galilee meal, using locally grown produce.

Race through nature on an adventurous RZR ride before tasting some of the Golan’s best wine. Travel to Jerusalem and spend the evening in one of the city’s lively and energetic restaurants.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Culinary Tour Israel

Culinary Tour Israel: Day 5

The Lingering Tastes of Jerusalem

Venture into the Old City on a culinary tour within the walls. As you walk through the narrow alleyways, hear the culinary history of Jerusalem, and visit factories that have been around for over a hundred years, stopping to taste delicacies from the different stalls.

Create your own lunch at an engaging kebab making workshop in the heart of the Arab Bazar. Finish the day by tasting the legendary Challot of Jerusalem that send an incredible aroma into the air.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Culinary Tour Israel

Culinary Tour Israel: Day 6

A Perfect Blend of Spices

Spring into your final day with a breakfast known as “Sabih” – a meal consisting of eggplant, tahini, fresh vegetables and a hard-boiled egg. Venture out into the Jerusalem hills to taste some of the best goat cheese in Israel and visit a boutique winery.

End your journey as you walk through the Machane Yehuda Fresh Produce Market, a Jerusalem institution representing all that Israel stands for – diversity, history and a promising future.

Overnight: Jerusalem

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