Day 1

Welcome to Israel

Spend the week embarking on an introspective journey into the watershed year, when six days of war reshaped Israel and the modern Middle East.
On your first day, enjoy dinner with a keynote speaker who will begin your trip with an overview of Israel and the repercussions of the Six Day War 50 years later.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 2

Shattered Crossroads

Travel north, stopping for an overlook of Israel’s ‘narrow waistline’ from Alfei Menashe, and visit the ‘Triangle’ – a concentration of Israeli Arab towns adjacent to the Green line. Delve into the importance of water in the Middle East, visiting a variety of strategic points. Continue to the Golan Heights and receive a briefing of the area.

Overnight: Galilee

Day 3

Strategic Challenges: Pre- and Post- 1967 on the Golan Heights

Ride jeeps up the Golan Heights joined by veteran IDF Soldiers who fought there in 1967. Enjoy wine tasting and lunch at a local winery, continuing to a Druze village in the area where you will meet the local leaders.

Overnight: Galilee

Day 4

“Liberated”, “Occupied”, “Disputed”: The West Bank Since the Six Day War

Travel south towards Ancient Shiloh via the small villages in the West Bank. Discuss the settlements further with a scholar and an expert on the subject. Continue along the “Way of the Patriarchs” to Jerusalem. Walk through the trenches of Ammunition Hill.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 5

Jerusalem – United or Divided?

Spend the day on a comprehensive geo-strategic tour of Jerusalem and the area, stopping at observation points overlooking the security barrier, as well as check points to the West Bank.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 6

Archaeology Through the Prism of Conflict: The Holy Basin

Visit the City of David, continuing to the Western Wall and Temple Mount. Descend into the Western Wall Tunnels and then explore the alleyways of the Old City. Enjoy a culinary tour in the Machane Yehuda market.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 7

Geopolitical Barriers

Tour the city of Hebron, visiting the Cave of the Patriarchs. Continue south to the city of Sderot that borders Gaza, stopping at Nir Am for an overlook of the Gaza Strip.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 8

Masada: The Six Day War and the Evolution of Israel’s National Symbols

Hike (or ride cable cars) to the top of the historic Mt. Masada where 960 men, women, and children resisted the Romans during the Great Jewish Revolt almost 2000 years ago. Spend the afternoon relaxing in the Dead Sea.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 9

Where Do We Go from Here?

Visit the Knesset and meet with politicians from all of Israel’s political spectrum. Spend the afternoon with a variety of fascinating speakers, hearing about relevant issues, Israel’s past, present and future.

Transfer to Ben Gurion International Airport for flight home

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