A Week at the International Photography Festival in Israel

November 22 – 30, 2017

Israel Photography TourIsrael Photography Tour: Wednesday, November 22

Welcome to Israel

Arrive in Israel and transfer to Tel Aviv. In the evening, join the exclusive VIP Opening Ceremony and cocktail event hosted by the International Photography Festival in Israel.

Overnight: Royal Beach, Tel Aviv

Israel PhotographyIsrael Photography Tour: Thursday, November 23

Tel Aviv: A Cultural Mosaic

Your Israel photography tour will begin with a captivating introduction to Israeli photography, led by the art director of the International Photography Festival. The private tour of the festival’s exhibitions will reveal the inspiration behind the pictures and will include meetings with several of the exhibited photographers. Spend the afternoon at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on a tour with the museum’s photography curator. In the evening, take part in a unique culinary experience hosted by one of the country’s elite food photographers that will incorporate great wine, food and photography.

Overnight: Royal Beach, Tel Aviv

Israel Photography Tour

Israel Photography Tour: Friday, November 24

Tel Aviv: A Collage of Creativity and Innovation

Participate in a Photography Marathon through the streets of Tel Aviv that will challenge you to take pictures on given topics. In the afternoon, discover the iconic Tel Aviv bus station, a unique space that provides an alternative backdoor view into some of Israel’s hidden and often unknown art cultures.

Overnight: Royal Beach, Tel Aviv

Israel Photography Tour

Israel Photography Tour: Saturday November 25

Masada and the Dead Sea: A Reflection of Israel Resolve

Travel with an award-winning documentary photographer to the magnificent desert for a photography workshop in the unique landscapes of the Negev. Sharpen your skills as you shoot from the top of Masada, capturing the unique colors of the Dead Sea and the surrounding mountains.

Overnight: Beresheet, Mitzpe Ramon

Israel Photography Tour

Israel Photography Tour: Sunday, November 26

The Negev: A Landscape of Luster

Accompanied by an AP photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner, spend the morning touring through one of the more mesmerizing sites of the desert. Visit a Bedouin community that documented their own community from within. The women of the village will welcome you as you experience their culture and tradition firsthand and enjoy a Bedouin feast. The visit will enable a unique vantage point into this traditionally nomadic Arab tribe. Travel to Jerusalem and embark on an exciting night excursion to one of the lesser known areas of the city.

Overnight: Mamilla, Jerusalem

Israel Photography Tour

Israel Photography Tour: Monday, November 27

Juxtaposition in Jerusalem

Begin the day with a tour of the religious and cultural focal points of the four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem.  Continue to the Israel Museum which is ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums and meet the museum’s Photography Curator for a fascinating discussion on their extensive collections. Travel back to Tel Aviv.

Overnight: Royal Beach, Tel Aviv

Israel Photography Tour

Israel Photography Tour: Tuesday November 28

Depicting the Decades: A Flashback of Israel History

Begin the day at the studio of an iconic Israeli photographer and photojournalist. Explore the story and history of Israel through the artist’s personal journey and the photos he portrays. Continue to a documentary workshop with an award-winning foreign photographer that will take you through south Tel Aviv.  Spend the late afternoon at the Photography Festival discovering more of the special exhibitions.

Overnight: Royal Beach, Tel Aviv

Israel Photography Tour

Israel Photography Tour: Wednesday, November 29

Graffiti and Galleries in Tel Aviv

Enjoy a personal and intimate meeting with an Israeli photographer whose documenting photos shed light on the multi-faceted layers of Israeli society. Through the visit, unravel the many layers that lay beneath the surface and appreciate the intricacy of the Israeli melting pot. Spend the afternoon either visiting local artist galleries, discovering the street art that adorns the walls of Tel Aviv, or taking part in a smartphone photography workshop. In the evening enjoy a farewell and concluding dinner.

Overnight: Royal Beach, Tel Aviv

Israel Photography Tour

Israel Photography Tour: Thursday, November 30

The Journey comes to an End

Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport, VIP service through security and passport control

Prices starting at $5579 per person

Options for specific workshops and day trips as per request
Based on a minimum number of participants

*A deposit of $300 per person is required
by September 30th 2017 to reserve your place

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