Organized Chaos: Israel with Avi Issacharoff

  • Day 1: Roots and Religion

    Start your journey in Israel through the eyes of Avi Issacharoff as you visit his hometown, the neighborhood of Givat Shaul in Jerusalem. Learn the story of Deir Yassin, one of Israel’s most notorious and simultaneously misinterpreted historical events. Continue to the Old City, stopping for a spectacular overlook of Temple Mount. Then ascend the Temple Mount for an inside view  of Issacharoff’s experiences as an undercover journalist and delve into the dangers and risks of such encounters. End your day with a visit to the Shoafat refugee camp.

    Overnight: Jerusalem

  • Day 2: Different Faiths, Similar Experiences

    Venture today to Hebron and visit the ancient Cave of the Patriarchs. While in this fascinating place, hear the tragic story of Baruch Goldstein, and its connection to Issacharoff’s past. Participate in two fascinating discussions as you meet first with a Jewish resident and then a Palestinian resident as you cross over to a Palestinian city. Later, travel to the industrial area of Hebron and Wadi Abu Ketila.

    Overnight: Jerusalem

  • Day 3: Beyond Borders

    This morning, travel to the impressive Black Arrow Monument. As you overlook the Gaza Strip, hear about how Issacharoff’s time in Gaza inspired and influenced Fauda. Proceed south to the Israeli Egyptian border at Kerem Shalom and attend an IDF briefing. Pause for lunch in Sderot, an Israeli town on the border of Gaza before continuing to the Erez Crossing, the only land crossing for the movement of people between the Gaza Strip and Israel and the West Bank. Meet a Gazan businessman with whom Issacharoff used to work, and learn about his life in the strip. In the evening, watch the movie “The Green Prince” together with Issacharoff.  

    Overnight: Jerusalem

  • Day 4: A Final View

    Spend your final day in the West Bank, beginning at the Ofra Airforce Base as you look out to the town of Siluwad. While here, you have the opportunity to discuss the film you watched last night. Proceed with a tour of Ramallah and meet a Palestinian businessman and learn about how the Palestinian Authority was created. This afternoon, tour the city of Nablus, one of the oldest cities in the world. Stop for a scenic view at Mt. Gerizim and meet representative of the government to better understand the politics of the area. Conclude your incredible trip at Winery Har Bracha, hosted by a winemaker.

    Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport

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