70 Years of Leadership

Tap into the Secrets of Israel’s Innovative Leaders

How can you transform your executive leadership team?

You seek a game-changing experience that redefines your organization and positions you to take the next step successfully and with great confidence.  In order to guarantee this Return on Investment, take part in this transformative once in a lifetime week away from it all.  Come to the Start-Up Nation and thrive in a controlled chaos environment which will embolden and unify your team with deep motivation.
Imagine your senior team getting the benefit of 70 years of magnificent achievements in just 7 days!
Is your future worth it?  

  • Day 1: Israel – A Nation of Controlled Chaos

    The trip will begin with an evening event, provocatively titled “From Fuck Up to Success”… yes you read that correctly. Hear from Israel’s business leaders about their professional “fuckups” (no filters) at a rooftop dinner and drinks event. Take in the views of the Mediterranean as you listen to the stories of business failures, partnership deals gone sour, the product that had to be recalled…

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

  • Day 2: The Leadership Secrets of Start Up Nation

    Begin the day with an optional Krav Maga lesson on one of Tel Aviv’s famous beaches. After catching your breath, meet the head of Israel’s Innovation Authority over breakfast, followed by a leadership hackathon with a former special operations pilot of the Israeli Airforce. Lunch will be joined by a representative of one of Israel’s leading nonprofit that is bringing solar powered energy to Africa. Spend the afternoon with an Israeli Air Force reserve commander, and gain insight into Isreal’s strategic challenges.  With the use of state-of-the-art F16 simulators, receive your operational assignment and set out as a squadron to successfully complete your mission. After safely landing, hear about the principles of irrational leadership with an expert over dinner.

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

  • Day 3: Desert Survival

    The day will begin with a wheelchair basketball game with an injured IDF soldier and now motivational coach. Continue to a “War Games” workshop, in which you will undergo a simulation that will bring to life the reality of making split second decisions with huge repercussions. Travel to Israel’s Negev Desert and the home of David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister. Analyze the critical decisions made by Ben Gurion that shaped Israel’s history. Embark on an adventurous navigation experience through the Ramon Crater learning basic survival skills. Dinner will be served around bonfires.

    Overnight: Camping in the desert

  • Day 4: Values, Discipline and Strength

    This morning take part in a mindfulness workshop in the incredible desert landscape. Continue with a helicopter ride to the Galilee and a bird’s eye view of Israel’s narrow waistline. Spend the day participating in an intense and challenging IDF basic training course with former military officers. Be prepared to rappel down buildings, practice your shooting skills with an M16, and experience basic training. In the evening, take part in a competitive cooking workshop with local Druze chefs.

    Overnight: Galilee

  • Day 5: Think Outside; No Box Required

    Meet a former Israeli war hero who has developed unique horse riding methods that help rehabilitate injured soldiers. Participate in a cutting (herding) workshop through the fields of the Galilee, using teamwork to shepherd cows from point A to B. Continue to the home of a local Israeli Arab leader and hear of the challenges faced by the leader of a minority group.  Travel to Jerusalem where you will be joined at dinner by one of Israel’s most powerful female leaders. End the day with a nighttime walk along the ramparts of the Old City for a unique perspective of the Jerusalem skyline.

    Overnight: Jerusalem

  • Day 6: Unconventional Situations; Creative Solutions

    Breakfast will be joined by one of Israel’s leading security advisors for a briefing on the current situation in Israel and the Middle East. Continue to Yad Vashem for a workshop that will follow the stories of some of the most inspirational leaders that emerged during the trauma of the Second World War. For lunch, visit Jerusalem’s bustling Machane Yehuda market for a tasting tour led by a culinary expert and critic. Spend the afternoon walking through all four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem and meet the religious leaders who stand at the head of this disputed area. Dinner will be joined by one of Israel’s leading negotiators, involved in Israel’s peace process. Embark on a late evening behind the scenes tour of the Western Wall Tunnels.

    Overnight: Jerusalem

  • Day 7: Bringing it all Together

    Travel to Masada and climb to the top of this mountain while hearing the heroic story that has turned this site into a national symbol. Have lunch and float in the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. Continue to the Ein Prat Midrasha, a pluralistic learning center for young adults, who come together from across the religious and political spectrum to address issues regarding their Jewish identity, their allegiance to country and their goals for adulthood. Meet one of the leading professors and some of the young Israelis that reside at the Midrasha for a conversation on Jewish leadership and the future of Israel.

    Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport

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