Terroir of Memories

A Culinary Journey through the Palate of Food Journalist Amit Aaronsohn

  • Day 1: Tradition and Memories

    Your culinary journey in Israel begins in Jerusalem, led by Amit Aaronsohn, an up and coming food journalist and restaurant critic with his finger on the pulse of Israel’s most exciting culinary scenes. Start at the famous Machane Yehuda Market, where you see how Ottoman memories and Ashkenazi tradition mixed to create this fantastic institution in the heart of the city. Also wander through the Arab Quarter, learning about the politics of the region as you taste the unique foods.  

    Overnight: Jerusalem

  • Day 2: A Taste of Local Life

    Travel outside of Jerusalem to the beautiful village of Ein Karem. Here you meet with a local celebrity chef as he joins you on a multi-sensory culinary tour visiting local growers, producer and farmers in the Judean Hills. Stop at Shai Seltzer’s Goat Farm and learn the Art and Science of Cheese Making during an intimate workshop. This evening visit the Jewish shtetls of Mea Shearim and receive insight into the ultra-Orthodox way of life in Israel.

    Overnight: Jerusalem

  • Day 3: The Flavors of Mysticism

    Walk through the alleys of mystical Tzfat and visit HaMeiri Tzfat, the first dairy farm in Israel and hear the stories of Tzfat and the HaMeiri family while sampling the delicious cheeses. Travel to Rameh, a nearby Arab town where you stop at Sharabic Restaurant. Take part in an intimate experience as you cook with the owner and his mother traditional Lebanese dishes and sit down together to enjoy your creation.  

    Overnight: Galilee

  • Day 4: Politics on a Plate

    Travel to The Golan Heights – and ride Jeeps along the line of volcanic hills, with overviews on Israel’s border with Syria and hear a geo-political update on the Syrian Civil War and its impact on Israel. Lunch is held at a boutique winery where you learn how the region’s volcanic basaltic soil, appropriate topography and mild high-altitude climate give the Golan Heights its second name – “wine country.”  Take part in a meat smoking workshop where you see how nature and food become connected in the creation of smoked meats.  

    Overnight: Galilee

  • Day 5: Roots and Routes

    Head north today to the port city of Akko and meet with a local chef as he takes you through the colorful Akko Market, weaving through the stalls, sharing his tips and gathering produce for the workshop ahead. Return to his nearby home as you prepare together with his mother a traditional meal. Alternatively, meet a local chef with Palestinian roots who will teach you how to make traditional Palestinian dishes with a contemporary twist.

    Overnight: Akko

  • Day 6: A Market for Coexistence

    Begin your day in Nazareth, where you stop at the home of the original Arais dish. Walk through the Wadi Nisnas Market, in Haifa, one of the most authentic and multi-ethnic markets in Israel. Taste samples from the market and hear the inspiring stories of co-existence in the neighborhood. Also visit Haifa restaurant institutions such as Rola and Maayan Habira and learn from their owners. Stop in picturesque Zichron Yaakov, and learn about Aaronsohn’s unique connection to the town as the place where his ancestors made their mark on Israeli history. Pause at Amphora Winery for wine tasting before continuing to Tel Aviv.  

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

  • Day 7: A Global Culinary Destination

    Welcome officially to Tel Aviv, a culinary city taking food to the next level and global street food is the trend. No other joint accurately portrays the trends in Tel Aviv quite like HaKosem, which is your first stop today as you bite into some of the best falafel found in the world. Wind your way through the Levinsky market to taste spices, fruits and veggies, and local delicacies. This afternoon and evening set out on a restaurant hop at world class Tel Aviv institutions personally chosen by Aaronsohn.

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

  • Day 8: The Desert Blooms

    Board a helicopter and journey to the Arava Desert. Farmers in the Arava produce more than half of Israel’s agricultural exports, look at some of the cutting-edge technology like Hydroponic and Aquaponic systems to understand how Israel has overcame the challenges of the region. Stop at Nof Zuqim and meet one of the many Thai immigrants that call this region home.

    Overnight: Tel Aviv

  • Day 9: One Last Bite

    Spend your last day in Israel exploring the restaurants and markets in Tel Aviv you still have not experienced. Tonight, enjoy a very special farewell dinner at the Presidential Suite of the Jaffa Hotel with a celebrity chef to celebrate your time in Israel.

    Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport

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