Meet Our Storytellers:
The Creative Minds and Experienced Professionals Behind Our Narratives

  • Asher Afriat
    Asher Afriat President

    Asher Afriat is the founder and President of Israel Seminar Group, and the driving force behind it. An avid storyteller, he is considered one of Israel’s most prominent guides, informal educators and advocates, integrating in-depth experience with a strong sense of service. His talent lies in his ability to make the beauty and complexity of Israel accessible to any visitor who wants to experience it first-hand. Asher is highly dedicated to his clients and committed to the vision that stands at the base of Israel Seminar – creating life changing experiences.

  • Amy Ben-Dov
    Amy Ben-Dov CEO

    Amy Ben-Dov is the Chief Executive Officer of Israel Seminar. With a background in informal education, and more than two decades of experience as a tour educator and guide, Amy defines and designs the content and programming that are the backbone of our tailor-made programs. Her ability to speak to our clients, glean their interests, and customize an unforgettable Israel experience allows Amy to share her love of the land of Israel and its people with each person.

  • Jeff Mendelsohn
    Jeff Mendelsohn CEO, Israel Seminar USA

    Jeff Mendelsohn is the Chief Executive Officer of Israel Seminar USA, the American headquarters of Israel Seminar. Based in Washington, D.C., Jeff travels frequently across the United States to meet with existing and potential clients, speak about Israel and promote Israel Seminar. A Harvard-trained lawyer and former chief of staff on Capitol Hill, Jeff spent the last decade promoting Israel education and activism among non-Jewish constituencies across the United States. Jeff has organized and led dozens of delegations to Israel, sharing his passion and knowledge of Israel with hundreds of visitors to the Jewish state.

  • Shira Ben-Ami
    Shira Ben-Ami Director of Business Development

    Shira is the Director of Business Development. Bringing her business savvy and flair for development, Shira works to create unique frameworks and fresh directions as she builds new relationships and inspires existing ones. With her decade of experience in Israel’s tourism industry, Shira has the ability to see beyond the horizon and to forge new pathways for Israel Seminar. A foodie at heart and a real city dweller, Shira often is the first to discover the next hottest thing in Tel Aviv, her hometown.

  • Ofir Shamay
    Ofir Shamay VP Strategic Partnerships

    Ofir is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. She brings a fresh new perspective to the table, and a set of unique communicational skills that go into the backstage work of tailoring our very special projects and strategic partnerships. In our field, and with our approach, it’s all about people. Israel Seminar is essentially about speaking to people and touching their lives, reinforced by meaningful and rewarding connections with people. It all starts at the core: who we are and what our relationships are about. This is the guiding principle and driving force behind Ofir’s work on every level, and with every new partnership created.

  • Adina Rothman
    Adina Rothman Director of Content

    Adina is the Director of Content. She fell in love with Israel after arriving in the country from England as a young girl, and has since lived in both the Galilee in the north and the Negev in the south. Today, she describes herself as someone who is passionate about Israel and makes sure to travel around the country as much as possible. As Director of Content, Adina is in charge of ensuring that our clients’ journeys include the most original, exciting and rich content, while constantly keeping her eyes and ears open for new experiences.

  • Lili Arbely
    Lili Arbely Director of Corporate Clients

    Lili is the Director of Corporate Clients and is especially notable for her creativity and outgoing personality, combined with an incredible work ethic and a high standard of doing things. She creates tailor-made experiences and memories for our clients, placing great attention to detail and integrating an abundance of positive energy. Drawing on her background as a children’s fashion designer, and implementing the skills acquired through her MBA studies, Lili is an unparalleled expert when it comes to Tel Aviv, one of the world’s most exciting cities.

  • Virginia Manor
    Virginia Manor Director of Operations

    Virginia is the Director of Operations. She has more than 15 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry in Israel. As Director of Operations, Virginia works in synergetic collaboration with the entire team, managing and overseeing all aspects of each journey. She ensures that clients always enjoy the best hotels, buses, and restaurants, providing a top-tier level of comfort and convenience. Virginia is committed to offering outstanding customer service, and aspires to continuously innovate and improve our programs – from the moment clients arrive, and up until the moment they are on their way home.

  • Ilana Gindis Zoaretz
    Ilana Gindis Zoaretz Director of Special Projects

    Ilana is the Director of Special Projects. Born in Manhattan, raised in Jerusalem, and living in Tel Aviv today, Ilana’s skill set combines the many flavors and cultures in which she grew up. Her passion for traveling in Israel and abroad are an inseparable part of her life and she has dedicated her years of national service as a field guide getting travelers to fall in love with the Israel she adores. After working for several years in the television industry focusing on spreading the unique Israeli content worldwide, Ilana carries on this vision in every project she leads. Be it an intimate dinner event or a large-scale business production, Ilana brings her exceptional professionalism and relatability to all of our special projects at Israel Seminar.

  • Aurelia Lasry
    Aurelia Lasry Chief Financial Officer

    Aurelia is the Chief Financial Officer. She joined our team after emigrating from France. Holding a dual degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Wales and from ISG business school in Paris, Aurelia brings forth her professional expertise to ensure that all office activities run seamlessly smoothly. While she is largely positioned behind the scenes, Aurelia’s love of this country is apparent and felt in everything she does.

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