Meet Our Storytellers:
The Creative Minds and Experienced Professionals Behind Our Narratives

  • Asher Afriat President

    Asher Afriat is the founder and President of Israel Seminar Group, and the driving force behind it. An avid storyteller, he is considered one of Israel’s most prominent guides, informal educators and advocates, integrating in-depth experience with a strong sense of service. His talent lies in his ability to make the beauty and complexity of Israel accessible to any visitor who wants to experience it first-hand. Asher is highly dedicated to his clients and committed to the vision that stands at the base of Israel Seminar – creating life changing experiences.

  • Shira Ben-Ami

    The Key To My Israel:

    “Relaxing at the tranquil Ein Shoko springs in the Golan”

    Bringing her business savvy and flair for development, Shira works to create unique frameworks and fresh directions as she builds new relationships and inspires existing ones. With her decade of experience in Israel’s tourism industry, Shira has the ability to see beyond the horizon and to forge new pathways for Israel Seminar. A foodie at heart and a real city dweller, Shira often is the first to discover the next hottest thing in Tel Aviv, her hometown.

  • Adina Rothman

    The Key To My Israel:

    “Sunsets over the Mediterranean and camping on the beach””

    Adina fell in love with Israel after arriving in the country from England as a young girl, and has since lived in both the Galilee in the North and the Negev in the South. Today, she describes herself as someone who is passionate about Israel and makes sure to travel around the country as much as possible. As Director of Content, Adina is in charge of ensuring that our clients’ journeys include the most original, exciting and rich content, while constantly keeping her eyes and ears open for new experiences.

  • Moran Buhbut

    Moran was born and raised in the southern city of Sderot. After her army service, Moran moved to Beer Sheva to earn her degree in economics and accounting from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. She relocated to Tel Aviv to start her professional career as an intern at PWC and has been living in Tel Aviv for the past eight years. Prior to working at Israel Seminar, Moran was a Manager of Financial Systems for one of the biggest supermarket chains in Israel. At Israel Seminar, Moran is accountable for the administrative and financial operations of the company.

  • Ilana Gindis Zoaretz

    The Key To My Israel:

    “Taking in the sun on the beach and wishing summer could last all year long”

    Born in Manhattan, raised in Jerusalem, and living in Tel Aviv today, Ilana’s skill set combines the many flavors and cultures in which she grew up. Her passion for traveling in Israel and abroad are an inseparable part of her life and she has dedicated her years of national service as a field guide getting travelers to fall in love with the Israel she adores. After working for several years in the television industry focusing on spreading the unique Israeli content worldwide, Ilana carries on this vision in every project she leads. Be it an intimate dinner event or a large-scale business production, Ilana brings her exceptional professionalism and relatability to all of our special projects at Israel Seminar.

  • Lili Arbely

    The Key To My Israel:

    “Tel Aviv; It’s such a versatile city with amazing food and great beaches that make you feel like you are always on vacation.”

    Lili is the Director of Corporate Clients and is especially notable for her creativity and outgoing personality, combined with an incredible work ethic and a high standard of doing things. She creates tailor-made experiences and memories for our clients, placing great attention to detail and integrating an abundance of positive energy. Drawing on her background as a children’s fashion designer, and implementing the skills acquired through her MBA studies, Lili is an unparalleled expert when it comes to Tel Aviv, one of the world’s most exciting cities.

  • Aurelia Lasry
    Aurelia Lasry UK Business Developer

    Aurelia joined our team after emigrating from France. Holding a dual degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Wales and from ISG business school in Paris, Aurelia brings forth her professional expertise to ensure that all office activities run seamlessly. While she is largely positioned behind the scenes, Aurelia’s love of this country is apparent and felt in everything she does.

  • Laurie Silver
    Laurie Silver CONTENT MANAGER

    Laurie was born in Florida, and raised in Maryland. She fell in love with Israel at first sight, while touring in her teens, and made every effort to return before eventually immigrating in 2003. After completing an MA in Middle Eastern Studies in Beer Sheva, she relocated to Jerusalem, and has been living in Tel Aviv-Jaffa for the past ten years. Laurie comes to us with nearly a decade of experience in incoming educational tourism, a field which she is drawn to time and time again as a mechanism for sharing her passion for Israel and the region.

  • Talia Malatskey
    Talia Malatskey CONTENT MANAGER

    Talia was born in Israel and at age one moved with her family to Sydney, Australia where she grew up. A passionate foodie, traveler and seeker of new experiences, Talia has travelled the world at every opportunity. The energy, vibrancy and mix of cultures is what drew her back to Israel, and in 2016 she moved from “down under” to Tel Aviv. Talia spends her time exploring the country she now calls home, and as the Content Manager at Israel Seminar, creates inspiring itineraries that ensure our clients fall in love with Israel the way she has.

  • Lee-El Haune

    Lee-El was born in Los Angeles, later moving to Israel and spending her teens in the Galliee region in the north of Israel. Through her service as an IDF Spokesperson, and later in her work within the public relations field she has traveled all around Israel getting to know the many vibrant facets that make up Israeli society. Active in the Israel advocacy community, she is incredibly passionate about sharing the beautiful country that is Israel, and makes it her priority to discover new things every day. After living in both the Galilee and Jerusalem, Lee-El has a passion for the outdoors and spends much of her time exploring the beautiful nature that israel has to offer.

  • Chen Mozes

    Chen is the Chief Dream Officer and is always thinking outside of the box. She grew up in California before moving back to Israel in her teens. Having spent many years abroad, including some time at the Israeli Mission to the UN, Chen knows how to cater to a traveler’s needs. Chen brings passion to Israel Seminar in her role, aimed at taking our journeys to the next level. She holds a BA in Business and International Relations. She loves travelling and exploring interesting locations, restaurants and anything that’s unique and new in Israel (and abroad).

  • Talia Byck

    Talia joined the Israel Seminar team after emigrating from Washington DC. With a degree in International Relations and Middle East Studies from the University of Wisconsin and a background in luxury tourism, Talia combines her love for travel and her passion for Israel in her role as Content Manager. Using her creativity and knowledge to craft unique and inspiring itineraries for clients, Talia enables our guests to feel connected to Israel. When she is out of the office, you will find Talia taking advantage of the beautiful weather on the beach or trying all of the amazing restaurants in Tel Aviv.

  • Daniella Zettel
    Daniella Zettel Senior Travel Architect

    Daniella’s childhood was a combination of living in both Canada and England before she moved to Israel at the age of 12. To this day she has retained the love of Israel that was instilled in her from a very young age and which motivated her family to make aliya. Daniella has always been involved in her community and gravitated to jobs that involved event planning and human resources, as well as resource development, Jewish interest tours and pilgrimages to Poland and Prague. Daniella continued this trend in the IDF where she was recruited into the Foreign Relations Unit and became responsible for the itineraries of visiting military dignitaries from overseas. Daniella graduated from Vatel International Business School with a BA in Hotel Management and Tourism.

  • Alexandra Lewis

    Alexandra (Alex) connected with Israel Seminar as an Intern during her stay on a 5 month Masa Internship Program and has recently made Aliyah. With a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism from the University of West Florida, Alex is able to combine her education and experience in the industry and her love for Israel in her work. With her excellent communication skills, extreme attention to detail, and passion to create memorable experiences, Alex is devoted to working with clients to ensure that their trip to Israel will be everything they dreamed of and more!

  • Shani Marciano Sade

    Shani was born and raised in Holon, Israel. After completing her 3 and a half years of military service as an Education officer she felt like she wanted to contribute more to her country, so she joined the Jewish Agency and flew to the States to become a summer camp counselor. Shani returned to Israel and joined a special training program offered by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism to become a tour guide, so that she could literally feel every rock, walk every path and climb every mountain. For the past 5 years Shani has been helping tourists best experience Israel by planning and executing countless trips, using her unique perspective and vast experience. In this period of time Shani is also a devoted mother to 4 year old Ella and 1 year old Assif.

  • Naomi Stern

    Naomi was born in Milano and is 100% made in Italy. She has a degree in communications and a master’s in digital communication from the The University of Milan. After finishing her studies, she worked in a digital agency and in a cultural foundation that focused on Italian cuisine. Her biggest passions are food, people and sports. She loves to travel, explore new cities, speak with the locals and taste authentic foods from all over the world. She also loves to take pictures so that she can share her experiences with all her friends; sharing is caring!

  • Aleia Glick

    Born in New Jersey and raised in Philadelphia, Aleia brings the outgoingness of Philly to the office. She graduated with a BA from Widener University in Sociology Pre-Physical Therapy with a minor in Psychology. Aleia loves meeting people from other cultures and learning about their traditions and especially trying new foods, making her an integral member of the team with her eagerness to experience everything that Israel has to offer. You can always find Aleia eating in the best restaurants around Israel and enjoying the Mediterranean sun.

  • Katie Frankel
    Katie Frankel Account Consultant

    Growing up in a Jewish community in London, Katie has always had a connection to Israel. After visiting Israel as a teenager, she fell in love and spent a number of years returning to Israel and traveling all over the country. Finally, in 2015, she made Aliyah and discovered even more things to love about Israel and is still finding new exciting things every day. Together with a growing love for Israel and a background in Events and Tourism, Katie brings professionalism and expertise to the job to ensure the highest quality is always reached. Working at Israel Seminar allows Katie to combine her professional career with a personal passion and love for Israel, which for her, is just a dream come true!

  • Laetitia Baranes
    Laetitia Baranes Account Consultant

    Laetitia studied and started her professional life in France, where she grew up. She always loved to travel and to discover new places, cultures, and people. She fell in love with Israel and its dynamism a few years ago and did not hesitate when the opportunity to live here, where she feels that everything is possible came to her. Now working at Israel Seminar as an Account Consultant, she is very happy to contribute to every visitors experience and to help make everyone discover this amazing country and make their dreams come true.

  • Tomer Gemer

    Tomer was born and raised In Israel. He grew up near Tel Aviv, and earned his BA in Economics, Sociology and Anthropology from Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva. Tomer is passionate about sports and is an avid fan of Maccabi Tel Aviv. Always happiest when outdoors, Tomer loves traveling and exploring in bothe Israel and abroad. Tomer is keen to bring his past travel experience to every trip that he is involved in.

  • Shahar Rozen
    Shahar Rozen Finance and Administration Manager

    Shahar is in charge of all the ins and outs of Israel Seminar making sure that our office runs as smoothly as possible. She is in touch with all of our vendors and keeps the wheel turning in the office. Shahar grew up in the North near Haifa. She has a BA in international relations and Latin American studies with a focus on Italian from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Shahar has a great passion for languages. She speaks Spanish fluently and also a bit of Italian from her time studying abroad in Italy. She enjoys traveling both abroad and in Israel. She also loves to read and going to the beach.

  • Yelena Babaev
    Yelena Babaev Chief Accountant

    Yelena was born in Russia, immigrated to Israel when she was 3 years old and grew up in the southern city of Kiryat-Gat. Yelena connected to her religious Jewish roots at the age of 21 and is now married and has four children. Prior to working at Israel Seminar, Yelena was a purchasing officer and responsible for clinical data at a clinical-stage company developing next-generation drugs. In addition to her work, she graduated her degree in accounting with honors. Yelena is Israel Seminar’s Chief Accountant and brings to her role her deep sense of responsibility, organizational skills and her connection to the Land of Israel.

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