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Driven by our deep passion for Israel, and for telling its story, we curate life-changing travel experiences to unlock the Israel you seek to understand.

We are storytellers and experience makers, dedicated to creating inspirational journeys throughout Israel. We take our guests on an exploration through local people and places, unfolding Israel’s intricate tales, while gently weaving them into personalized stories of their own. All itineraries are customized and individually crafted to meet the needs and desires of each group or individual, led by Israel’s finest guides and tastemakers.

Israel is a growing global leader of innovation, technology and creativity, spearheading new ideas and solutions, and has earned a reputation worldwide for empowering businesses while keeping a competitive edge. We pride ourselves in our ability to reach and engage some of the country’s most reputable personas and influencers from the private and public sectors, and can open the doors that lead directly to them.

“Whether you’re an academic, government official, business owner or investor, traveling on your own or with your family planning that unique Bar or Bat Mitzvah trip, we’ll put our minds together in order to gain a deeper understanding of your preferences, objectives and goals.”

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