Sunday, December 29th: The Mystical Realm of Hanuukkah

Walk through the alleys of mystical Tzfat, a small 16th century town that gave the world the concept of “Tikun Olam”“Repairing the World” and is considered the city of Kabbalah. Meet a Kabbalah artist and understand the spiritual hidden meanings of the Hanukkah Menorah.

Explore the port city of Akko and taste the local foods and engage in the unique intermingled history of Arabs, Jews and Christians that have inhabited this incredible place through the centuries. Visit the Knights Halls, the market places and the ancient port.

Continue on a short tour of Herod’s ancient port city, understanding why Herod chose Caesarea as the perfect scenic and strategic spot on the Mediterranean Sea to build a safe port along Israel’s coast – and also why it became the capital of Judea, home to Roman procurators and governors.

Overnight Tel Aviv

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